London Fashion Week Streetstyle: Not Impressed TBH


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Above are my LFW Streetstyle faves. The only ones that really caught my eye.
When I put together the New York Fashion Week streetstyle post, I thought that there was an overwhelming amount of pictures and I had to sort through picking out only the ones I really loved. Looking through the LFW streetstyle photos, I kept thinking ‘there has to be more to it than this’ and I have searched all my usual go-to websites and some more. This is pretty much all that I really fancied. I was looking forward to London Street Style after the glory of New York because London tends to do it better but this was extremely disappointing. London, come February, you better do yo thang!

None of these pictures are mine.
Sources: Vogue, Reine Roi, Daisy Mak, Skinny Hipster


Peplum and Python Skin


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I think this outfit would look really cool with black pants, probably even cooler. But I woke up this morning and really felt like wearing jeans. For me, that never happens! Jeans are not my thing and if you follow my blog, you’ve probably never seen me wear jeans on here. Maybe only once or twice.

I’m so sorry for the lack of outfit updates! As I said a couple of posts ago, my camera was stolen. These pics were taken with my iphone and because I’m not sure how I feel about the quality for the blog, I might not do another outfit post until I get another camera (hopefully very very soon). I’m so thankful that you still follow even when I don’t post often so I’m hosting a giveaway from tomorrow of something I really really like!

These shoes are a new buy. I love them, so badass! They are python skin and I find them so interesting. These are also my fave jeans as the fit is so ideal. As always, I love the femininity of this outfit vs. the edginess of the shoes. The top would look great with a pair of heels but comfort was the theme for today which it hardly ever is.

Hope you guys are good and having a fab weekend!

Mirror Me:
H&M Peplum Jacket (Similar here,here,here, and cool one here!)
Deola Sagoe Jeans
H&M Waist Cincher (Similar here)
Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers

New York Fashion Week: My Streetstyle Faves


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Mira Duma just never ever stops, love her. I love the details, prints, playfulness and general brilliance of some of these outfits. The see through dress worn in day time, so brave and totally worked!

None of these photos are mine. Sources: fashionbombdaily, harpers bazaar, song of style, life in travel, le 21 eme, sartorialist, jak & jil.

Anna Dello Russo X H&M


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Take a peek into some of ADR’s collection for H&M.

The jewellery, the clutches, gold sunglasses and the luggage (swooon) are the items I’m most excited for! Maybe even that fascinator with a stuffed bird on top of it? I’ve always wanted one of those things to be quite honest. Those gold foldy pumps are such a good idea to be a permanent item in your handbag for those days when you can’t bear the pain of the heels any longer. The collection as a whole is generally very fun and attention-grabbing, I love it.

I was just speaking to my find Regina about the collection and she said how she really wants the sunglasses and I said how I really want the luggage. At the same time, I typed: ”the sunglasses are so loud!” and she typed: ”the luggage is so loud!” Ha!

But you can expect nothing but ”loud” from the Vogue Japan editor who is the number one badass at wearing night-time clothes in the day-time and the number one advocate for ”it’s not fashion if it’s comfortable”. Like really, who else could pull off those tiny bodycon dresses to fashion shows in the winter? Plus let’s be honest, we need a couple of those head-turning items in our closet! I can imagine walking through the airport with those hard cases with people looking at me like ”where is she going” and me looking over my shoulder like ”wouldn’t you like to know?”. Lol

If you haven’t seen her ”Fashion Showers” video, you need to see it below.

The collection hits the stores on October 4th!
Are you going to be queuing up at dawn just to lay your hands on some of these? I  know I won’t because I’ve got work so please don’t sell out too quickly!

Go Try It On


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Obsessed. Go Try It On is a newly launched fashion app for iPhone which I am now constantly using on-the-go. I’m talking Instagram fused with Lookbook but specifically tailored for the fashion community. It is the social side of style where you can trust your friends when you don’t trust your gut. Download it here and follow me (my username is Mirror Me). Let’s talk style!

Post your style photos on-the-go from an outfit that you are trying to make up your mind up about to an item that’s on your wishlist. Get creative with your posts by using frames & filters and heart what you love. With members from all parts of the world, you can discover style inspiration from around the globe and shop an edited selection of products which you can post to your friends or add to your shopping lists.

I hope you’ll join me on the App and leave a comment with or tweet me your username so I can follow you.

Thankyou for reading lovelies xxx

Leather Red


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You already know I love leather. When I saw this top in Zara, I really couldn’t say no to it. I love the colour and the contrast between the leather front and knit back. I wore this look on my beautiful friend Regina’s 21st birthday. We took her out to London in Nobu where I’d never been before but the food lived up to my high expectations. I decided to go for a monochrome look because I thought it would be more fun. You like? Or would you have paired it with a diffy colour of pants? Tell moi.

Mirror Me:
Zara Top
Zara Jeans
Christian Louboutin Pumps (similar here, here and here) I gatchu covered.

DIY: Studded Sneakers


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I finally stopped procrastinating and sat down to stud my vans whilst watching Grey’s Season 5 in the background. Yes I’m still on Season 5 and yes I know what happened in the Season 7 finale, damn twitter show spoilers.

You will need:

Squeeze some glue into your chosen container, I would use a water bottle cap. Using your applicator, apply a small amount of glue onto the back of the stud. I would use a toothpick but there was none on the day I decided to do away with procrastination so I used a hair curvy grip.
Then press the stud onto the shoe and hold it in place for a few seconds. I would recommend using a new or unwashed pair of Vans. My Vans had infact just come out of the wash so the canvas was soft and it was a massive challenge getting the stud to stay on. This made the job messier and more time-consuming.

Glue the spikes onto the sneakers going round horizontally.
After putting that one stud on, I decided to start with the heel cap. Don’t ask why, lol.

The heel cap was easy to stud because the canvas on the part of the shoe was hard and steady. It’s a little bit messier than it should be- my lack of hand sturdiness and general skill.

Voila, both heel caps done.
On to the main body of the shoe.

This is where you start to observe my lack of artsy skills, it gets even messier. Oh yes I also have the excuse about the canvas being too soft.
Continue to glue the spikes into place and fill in any bare spaces.

I ran out of studs along the way and the right foot suffered this misfortune- the left side of the right foot does not have a second line of studs and is missing a stud right in the middle of the front. Worry not, I have ordered more studs off eBay but this did not stop me wearing the shoes today as it is not that noticeable from a distance.
Leave the sneakers to dry for 24-72 hours. If you’re a keen bean, at least overnight.
Enter my most fashionable weapons studded vans.

You’ll probably do a much neater job than I did. Go on and show off by @’ing me on Twitter or Instagram.
All pictures shot with my loyal iphone because evil prevailed last weekend and a b*tch stole my camera. I’m working on getting a new one ASAP and I still have an outfit post to put up from last weekend before tragedy struck. Plus I’ve been following the NY Fashion Week happenings and with a month of fashion weeks ahead, I will have a bit to share with you.



Shop Mirror Me Wishlist

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all good and enjoying the very last bits of summer/beginning of fall.

I’m excited to have a new page on the blog where you can view and shop my favourite picks and ever-growing wishlist. The plan is to update this regularly so that you have a constant insight into what I think are the hottest items on websites I frequently visit even though I might not have them to show you in my outfit posts.

You can find the page right at the top of the blog and it is called Shop Mirror Me Wishlist. Have a ball shopping items which I have, want, need or am simply dying for. Majority are most likely to be the latter, lol. I’m not trying to break your bank or anything, I promise :).